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adding more emulsifier should thicken it up a bit. also, adding thickening ingredients like carrageenan (seaweed derived), lecithin, or even cornstarch might work well. I have not tried to thicken it up, as I prefer a very thin Co for washing, but these natural thickeners are often used ehrn making body creams, so I imagine they would work well on hair.
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hi mm
i will look into those
i hardly have any left..... it does clean well.... i feel that if i thicken it i could also waste less
wanted to let you know that i finally got veg glycerin this week and tried making a very small batch of the One-C -
I used olive oil, glycerine, water, polysorbate 20 and guar gum to emulsify
i did follow your suggested proportions - the 2.5 cups water one... that seemed to turn out okay and i left it on the counter for a while to evaporate and thicken up
i only used it once but that one time it seemed to work nicely...... i was doing a lot to my hair that day so i probably need to use it again before i can really be sure what it does
thank you!
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