I've been going through the same debate with myself lately. I really like my current stylist even she though hasn't had any "curly" training. She gives me a good cut and is always willing to do whatever I want, including bringing in my own products if I want. She's also fantastic with color. Plus, she's less than 10 minutes from my house. I almost always leave with my hair wet because I don't like like how she styles it. I've been wanting to get a Deva cut just so I could see if it would be that much better. I've decided to stick with my stylist for now because I've found that it is really hard to find someone who gives a good haircut and color, but more importantly, one with a great attitude and is easy to work with. Plus, I've read more than one post here from people who have gone for cuts from someone who has been "curly" trained and ended up more than disappointed with the results. So, for now anyway, I think I'll stay where I'm the most comfortable.
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