I have not seen my natural hair since I was 3 or 4 yrs old and I'm 30 now. I have been transitioning since February 2009 so about 7 monthes. I was very excited but I have no clue how to take care of 3c hair. If you could tell me what you used to do I would appreciate it. So far I have been alternating with just conditioining (no shampooing) my hair and only shampooing after any oil treatments. I saturate my hair with virgin coconut oil or jojoba oil once a week. Put a towel on my pillow and sleep with the oil in my hair. I wash it out the next day than as I condition I detangle. As I wash out the conditioner I leave some in. As for styling I have been experimenting with..everything. I have used Redken curl styling gels, snti frizz creme, and curl refiner. Those work well but the next day I have to do it all over again. You get soft dry curls with a little bit of shine but the look does not carry more than a day. Than I tried Marc Anthony's Curl lotion. Love it!!!!!!!! However you have to be careful too much and you get that gel look. If you learn what the right amount is for your hair you can get that soft dry curl look that lasts two days. If I want to style my hair I do it in the shower while I have conditioner in my hair. So if I want to part or twist my hair I do it in the shower than rinse a little of the conditioner off. I tried using Ojon products. The SWA line makes my hair feel like straw didn't know what that felt likeuntil I used the product, I have to use tresseme conditioner to soften it up. The ojon thickening line works better but your hair smells like freshly cut grass. So again I condition with tresseme or redkin curl conditioner to make it smell better. I just bought Fantasia IC Maximum Herbal Gro and I like it alot. I put some in my palm rub them together than rub it through my hair in sections. That also leaves a soft dry curly look, however that only lasts a day. The reason I leave some conditioner in my hair is that if the next day I am having a bad hair day all I have to do is wet it and I get the curls back withgout a full wash. I still go to the salon and wash and set once every two weeks. I am trying for the fist time in 26 years to wear my hair naturallu even though 90% is relaxed. Honestly it's frustrating seeing the shiny smooth curls of the relaxed hair and then this nest like hair growing from my scalp. I understand that this is the beginning and aonce the weight of my natural hair pulls the hair down it will look different. I have to let it grow to see the true texture of my hair, and I look forward to that and welcome it but honestly the relaxer is looking pretty good. I decided to go natural because if one day when I do have kids I have a little girl and she has my hair I want to know what to do, and I want her to be proud of her hair. But seriously this takes alot of time to tame and train your hair. I believe its worth it but if I find out I have 4 texured hair and I don't learn how to handle it I'm going back to the relaxer. For now this is where I am at in my journey.