I live in New England and I go to UConn. I'm really excited about this style now! 85/100 was for the whole style or just to retouch the edges? I had to beg my stylist to do this style for me, because she HATES doing braids. She says they take way too long, but she's the only one I trust to do my hair (aside from my cousin in Jamaica who didn't come up this year!) I haven't found out how much she will charge yet. I hope I can get it to last long though! I exercise about 4 times a week, so I'm thinking I'll probably wash once a week and redo the edges every 6 weeks... or something like that (I know a girl at school who is capable, because I know my hair stylist wouldn't be up for it lol) . I'm just a little curious about what to do with the curly weave after I wash it. You have been really helpful and I appreciate your response!
4, fine, low-medium density, low porosity

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