Oh yeeeah, cutting coffee out of my diet has also seemed to help. I've heard a lot of stuff about coffee and caffiene in general being bad in relation to acne, not sure why. It's really hard for me to completely cut it out, I love coffee, but it's worth it.
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Awww, crud, was reading this thread for info. about my own breakouts and am sitting here drinking coffee. I love the stuff and I know I drink too much. I have tried cutting back to one cup a day but there is temptation all around me and I appear to have no willpower when it comes to that particular bean. Let me know how much, if any, you are allowing yourself and the results.
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Hey I'm sitting here drinking coffee too I shouldn't have said "completely cut out" up there. I stopped drinking it on weekday mornings and usually not on Sundays. But when it comes to Saturday mornings, coffee is a must. It was hard for the first week or so. If you try quitting, start out gradually, cold turkey is super hard, a slow decrease is easier on the body. So far my skin seems happy about it, but I have to also factor in the other changes I've made. Drinking lots of water is also suppose to be really healthy for the skin because it aids the kidneys in filtering out toxins which can contribute to acne. It's hard I know, but atleast give it a try and see if it helps, good luck!