Any help here would be appreciated, as would any info on the general shelf life/preservation of products like:

KBB Hair Milk/Hair Nectar
Komaza Califia Coconut Hair Pudding
CJ Aloe Fix, Coffee Cocoa Curl Creme
Pink Boots
Fine, porous 3a with some 3b...
Co-wash: Suave Tropicals Coconut Conditioner (with shampoo bars 2x a month) Rinse-out: L'oreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss Leave-in: Lustrasilk Styling: CK, Pink Boots, KCCC, AOMM, HESMU, BRHG, CJ Aloe Fix Gel Post-Styling: Apply product to wet hair, scrunch out water with Curls Like Us, diffuse for 5-7 minutes Treatments: Vatika coconut oil, Kama Brahmi oil