Holy mackeral!!!!!!!!!!!
where did you get your scissors from??
i mean look at those curls!!!!!
You are truelly beautiful and your curls just add to you*grin*
Did you find that after you cut your hair your curls just went boiiiiiiiiiiing? the colour is so lovely...
Wahhhhhhhh!! i have curl envy again!!!!!!!!!!!
Originally Posted by aerohead
I used *cough*eyebrow scissors*cough*... They came in a kit with tweezers, LOL. They were the sharpest scissors I had on-hand and are pretty small, but since my hair is so fine it worked great. Sally's has actual hair cutting scissors starting around $30, but I'm poor.
My curls do seem to be a lot happier at this length. They've always "boinged" but only the last two inches or so - everything above it was more of an S-pattern because the length dragged out the curl.

Hehe well my hair envy has just grown! I could never pull off such a short style, I always feel like my face is too chubby! haha.
Originally Posted by ellageorgina
I was a little worried about that, honestly. Short hair does make my face look more round, which makes me look younger; it ups the "cute" factor but I already get mistaken for being 16, so why fight it? This is much less of a hassle than long hair. I'm sure I'll miss it eventually, but for now I'm completely happy with the state it's in.

And really, you're so beautiful you could pull off just about anything, so don't worry about it!

Wow, really really cute! I have to go to a stylist to get mine cut since it's in an inverted bob now. I don't know how to cut it like this. I'm really tempted to chop it like yours A:because it's cute, and B: because I could cut my own hair again...sigh...

How are you styling it? Do you part it, or let it part on its own? Scrunch upside down? Clip? Do tell.
Originally Posted by curry curls
Yeah, me neither! I really just started snipping at it bit by bit over the period of about a week until I was satisfied. I always did it on dry hair and only took a tiny bit at a time. My hair is now shoulder-length when wet.

Styling: After washing & conditioning, I apply a leave-in in the shower & flip my head upside down & comb it, to encourage clumping and volume. Squish out some of the water, then scrunch in styling product(s) the way Mysteryflavored does in her KCCC video. Blot with microfiber towel, plop 10-20 minutes, and let the part do whatever it wants to. I usually move a curl or two from one side of the part to the other if I want my bangs off to the side.

HTH, and thanks again for all of the compliments.
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