Thanks to all of you for replying with your input. (And thanks for all the compliments) I'm actually doing a modified CG method right now. That picture was back in March, right before I started.

What is the Super Soaker method?

After reading all of your guy's comments, I think I will try rollers. I would LOVE to get a relaxer but at the moment, I cannot afford it for lasting only three months (approx.). Maybe once I get a more steady job (I'm only fifteen so I only have a part time job and it's only seasonal so... not much cash there.) I can attempt a relaxer but for now I'll have to deal with my enemies. :P

Okay, I'll admit that some days I like my curls but that's quite rare. I just don't like them because I'm someone who needs change. I want to have all these different hairstyles but I can't because I'm stuck with the curse of curls (Yes, they're a curse, in my opinion haha).

And even after fifteen years with this hair, I still feel like I'll wake up one day from a horrible dream and I'll have long, beautiful, gorgeous straight hair that I've always dreamed of. :P Hah, I'm such a dreamer. BUT I do have some hope because I've found a group of about 8 strands of hair that are straight on the bottom layer of my hair and don't curl anymore. So I'm hoping that all my hair will start to unravel. Don't ruin my dreams, now. :P
Curls: 3a/3b