When I visited my half sister last year I actually had a very similar conversation with my sister (relaxed), half sister (relaxed), and her cousin (natural). My sisters are both 3c/4a, and her cousin and I are 3cs. This was a long conversation lol, but here are a few of the points and varying opinions.

The relaxed girls think hair has NOTHING to do with it, it's just confidence and being overall attractive that matters. I agree with this to SOME degree. However, I think that natural hair can be off-putting to some guys, whereas I can't imagine someone having long straight hair being any sort of detractor lol.

My fellow natural and I sometimes get blowouts, and in our experience, you DO get more attention from guys of all colors. A LOT MORE. It's not a big deal though, and if I cared that much about what guys thought I'd also wear a full face of makeup every day and 4-inch heels to go to the grocery store lol.

The relaxed girls said this is in our heads, all about confidence etc., as if getting a blowout adds confidence to a natural! I like to change it up, and I get better trims with the hair straight - it's more accurate since I've yet to find a curl-friendly stylist.

Then we were talking about black women dating white guys just in general (none of us have so far), and we noticed that most interracial couples contain naturals for whatever reason lol.

We also noted that unlike black men who tend to have REALLY REALLY bad taste in white women, black women when they do date outside of their race, are usually dating a really good white guy that they made an exception for lol. These include more rocker type guys, scruffy but hot guys, sweet nerdy guys, white guys who have exceptional swagger lol. I live in Texas and now I sometimes see straight laced black women/hot redneck couples. I have to laugh when I think of how much these women must get teased from their friends!

Nearly all of the black women/white man couples I've seen give off a Sean/Anglela from the TV show Boy Meets World. If you haven't seen it it's one of the most adorable couples ever. Angela is a natural, and Sean is scruffy.

I would say from what I've seen is that I think the white guys who like black women like the natural hair better. I think the weavalicous Beyonce look is more apealling to black guys than it is to white guys. I would even go so far as to say that if you are a type 4 natural, you will probably get MORE attention from white guys then you would with a relaxer or weave, and probably more attention than you would get from black guys period.

I don't want to sound like you won't get a black guy with natural hair though. In fact two of my brothers like natural hair on girls. One even likes the super-short natural style the best. He says they're prettier and more confident.

Then we talked about white guys who date lots of black women. They date the entire spectrum of colors, with a preference for darker girls lol. Some famous guys who do this are Brad Pitt , Robert Deniro, Trent Reznor, David Bowie, George Lucas, and there's a few others but I can't think of them right now.

Also, I think there's A LOT of white guys who secretley like black women lol. One of my friends (who is a white guy) worked at the Walgreens said that all types of white guys would come in and buy those magazines that are the black equivalent of Maxim. King Magazine was their bestseller, and this was in a mostly white suburban area lol.