Okay, so I'm growing out my hair. I'm a stylist so this is an especially big test of willpower as I have shears at my immediate disposal lol.

FYI, I had a mohawk for 2 years. The sides were anywhere from 1/8-3/4" long depending on my mood, and the hawk was around 4-6" about. Basically, I'm letting it grow out from the original shape, because I don't want to lose my length on top and therefore my loose ringlets that are coming in.

Right now the top is at around 7" and the sides are around 2". After a year, it might look like something .

So I'll be updating a bit on my progress as it goes along, and I might post here in a desperate time when I just want to lop off the whole thing. But I miss my curls so much and I want them back!!

So, ok here is where we are starting, November 5, 2006:

Vanity disclaimers :P: I have no products in my hair today, which is v v rare. Therefore my very fine hair is sort of hanging is random loose curls, except for the tendrils, which are always in ringlets (yay!).

And because I'm silly, this was me in one incarnation of my mohawk (rip):

Wish me luck!
3A fine, growing out from a mohawk
As of 1/07:
Top 7"
Sides 3.5"
JC Aloeba, TooShea (1x wk.), Cleansing Cream (1-2x wk.), RR, CCSS, Kenra Volume Spray, Joico JoiWhip
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