Does anyone know how to go about ordering from BB and what the ingredients are in the gel? Also, how long does it last since it is homemade? And last but not least how would you rate it next to other gels? I have really coarse porous hair and some gels make my hair feel like dookey, stiff and Drrrrrrrry.
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The website lists the ingredients but since you have coarse hair, don't get the silk protein and ask her to add oils. Also depending on where you live, she can add honey/agave nectar (this depends on humidity and environment). Both the honey and agave are humectants and can dry your hair out if you live in a dry climate. They also provide more hold (that stiff quality that gels give). You can add aloe vera, magnesium sulfate and seamollient if your hair tolerates them. These are for moisture (exept the MS, which can dry out the hair, so I wouldn't recommend this for you) and curl definition.

I absolutely hate using gels, but I love this product because it's not really a gel. To me it is more like a super leave in conditioner and a super hair shining serum that has qualities of a gel. Plus I like the idea of using one product to give me soft touchable hair.

It has preservatives but if you keep it in the fridge it will probably lasts 2 week. So if you don't have long hair you can get a small bottle. But ask BB.

Here is the website

On the right side bar "Contact BotticelliBontanicals" and tell BB about your hair, the climate where you live, what your hair tolerates, what you want your hair to be like and ask her what she recommends. She is very responsive.

Hope this helps.
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