just curious if i can see any one matching their new growth (i.e.bantu knots,straw sets,etc)
my bc wont be for anuther year....i need sum encoragement!!!when i tell people that im transitioning they always have this crazy luk on their face and usually their like "why?" or "for what?"lol
thanks for the forum cant wait to sum sum picz!!!!!
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I got so many crazy looks from people when I was transitioning that I stopped telling people I was transitioning. They would just ask stupid questions like why are you cutting all your hair off or you'll look like a man. I just found it easier to only tell people that were encouraging me. But anyway don't pay them any mind.

diva2001a, if your hair is 90% natural why don't you just cut off the relaxed ends? I know its only been 7 months and trust me I completely understand. I found it easier to not force my hair to curl up (my hair was relaxed bone straight) until I actually did the big chop. Hang in there though because if you've made it this far you should be just fine. I would scan Youtube for ideas. Not sure how long your hair is but braid outs are great too.

Melody08, I've seen people transition for 2-3 years. I definitely don't have the patience, but it worked for them. I would just trim every few months and make sure to deep condition at least once a week. Your hair will be weak at the line of demarcation and you don't want to have a set back. As long as you take care of your hair and not use excessive heat you will transition with no problems.

Jamtastic Voyage! I had to hide the scissors in my house in order to keep going. I wanted to just shave my head bald LOL but kept reminding myself what a huge noggin I have. I barely had enough for a ponytail when I was done but do what's right for you. Trust me when its time you'll just know.
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