One of my best friends (who is also one of my daughter's godparents) lives in Lizton, on the west side of Indy, so I'd already have a place to crash for a midwest visit

Thanks, Marni, for taking the lead on tagging the photos and answering questions. I am getting ready to move to a new salon on September 1, so I have a million things going on right now and not enough time to devote to any of them.

Who is in the brown scoop top with the brown headband? She has very pretty hair.
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And THAT is funny, because all Cara and I heard was how bad her hair was that day (and ask her about the freaking bumps on her hairline ).
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What??? Is it in Orlando or Daytona (lol!)? Seriously, I hope it's easy to find-yes, I am directionally impaired...
And, yes, I agree, mpgirl has amazing hair....all the pics look great!