Thanks Alexjoujou! I was never able to get 2nd day hair until this cut. I did make a lot of changes all around the same time, so I'm not sure if the cut can take all the credit, but it definitely gets to take a lot of it. Now I'm finding that I get MUCH tighter curls on the 2nd day. All I do is spray with enough water to be able to arrange it like I want and then scrunch in a generous amount of FOTE AVG.

I loved going to MaryAnn and will definitely go back, but if she hadn't worked out, Jen was next on my list. I live in North County, so MaryAnn is just easier for me to get to.

Good luck with your Jen appt!
Still reading and trying to figure all this out, but I think my hair is...
2A/3A/3B - ranges from weak waves on top to tight ringlets underneath. Fine texture, normal-high porosity, thin density.

Fave products:
Wash: Suave Naturals Coconut, some Abba sulfate free
Conditioner - JC Too Shea, AO GBP
Stylers - JC CC, JC RR, BSRHG

But I have a whole cabinet of other stuff to try out! LOL