OK so I got my hair done. Jen was super nice. It was different than I expected--not very much cut actually.

I can now say I do not like the Deva products. I bought the Angell and the low poo. I liked them initially but as the day has gone on now they are definite "no's". My hair has gone back to the way it was before CG--dry, limp, lifeless, with a reduction in curl (pretty dramatic to m!) It's flat and smooth and icky. I was a bit worried about that since I figured out both products have the A cone (preceded by a PEG so water soluble)--but I'll let my daughter or son try them as their hair doesn't react to cones like mine does (she is a completely different type of curly than me and has much longer hair and much more of it and my son has super short hair so no worries with flat--his has lots of volume already!)

Overall I'm not too sure about this. I was disappointed when I got home as my hair, by then, had gone very very flat and smooth with just barely noticable waves (vs. the ringlet's I had going in). Maybe my hair is too short for a Deva cut?

I just had very very high hopes---probably unrealistic but I still feel kind of bummed. I'll update once I've had a chance to wash and style with my own products and not the Deva ones.

I know I just need to get my hair to grow a bit but I realized now that actually I think I prefer it shorter! I actually think CG makes my hair grow faster..I just hadn't realized it since I got a lot more shrinkage when I do my hair..my hair after the Deva style today (way less curly) looks much longer than I thought!

So jury's out for me .
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Done experimenting! Loving Spiral Solutions products!

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