O.k. girrrl I'm so new to this. What is "twa's"? And "BAA"? LOL! School me. I'll catch on soon enough. LOL!
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Aww lol. A twa = tiny weeny afro. And a BAA = BIG ASS AFRO. lmao.

Wow it took me loads of research to get my coils and curls as defined as your. Mostly because I just couldn't find anyone with such tiny curls like mine. You shall be a force to be reckoned with in about a year or two.
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I hope to be a forced to reckon with. I know exactly what you're saying. I actually complained at some other sites that there were no photos of anyone with my kind of curls. That has been very frustrating. The fun part is that w/ our tight curls, as soon as we wear it straight, it gives us a total different look. People never guess it is as long as it is. I love the versatility. I attached a picture. A few weeks ago, I got a rollerset & went over it w/ a flat iron.
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