my munchkin had a relatively serious reaction to peacans, so her pediatrician referred us to see an allergist. after the allergy test, it has been confirmed that she has a pretty severe allergy to tree nuts. since then ive been researching food allergies and lurking around food allergy support groups and to be honest, its scared the buhjeezus out of me. folks are writing letters to all their kid's classmates telling them what not to pack in their lunches, i see things about chef's notes, ingredient cards to find other terms for ingredients which may include tree nuts, and alot of approaches seem a bit overboard to me.

dont get me wrong, i carry around her epi pens and some benadryl (shes also allergic to cats), so i'll always be prepared "just in case", but im wondering how much of the extra stuff is necessary. i just keep picturing the tummuy tub thread and i dont want to be duped into buying anything thats completely unnecessary, but at the same time, i dont want to put my child's life in danger.

id love to hear what the opinions and advice of those who have managed to survive living past the age of 5