I have had 2 treatments done in salons, bought CKT from ebay and done my own twice. It's pretty brainless, just have to be able to handle a flat iron (although it took me a while to get that down.)

Consider, there is no rush doing it. Wash, apply the treatment, let it sit a while, blow dry partially, then flat iron. Since you don't rinse it out, it doesn't matter how long you take. The hotter the iron and the more you go over a strand, the straighter it stays. I've been experimenting in just doing my crown since salons only do all your hair. Plus, I don't like it so straight it's flat, so I can control it.

My hair was chemically straightened, highlighted, a damaged and dry frizzball. Now it's smooth, under control and growing!
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Wow! I really do want the CKT brand if I can afford it. Do I really need to buy their clarifying shampoo to use before the treatment?

Are you now using their shampoo & conditioner? What about silicone heat protectants? Can those still be used afterwards or would they build up on your hair?

I want to order everything ASAP! I can't wait!


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