my nephew is allergic to nuts (and a billion other things)

1) he is starting to grow out of these allergies. Hopefully this happens with your daughter

2) his level of sensitivity also seems inconsistent. His mom ate a sundae with nuts and an hour later she kissed him on his eye and he had an allergic reaction. But then again my uncle fed his some of those peanut butter and cheese cracker and nothing happened.

3) I have a pantry will a couple different kinds of nuts. I keep them all on the top shelf. He plays with the stuff on the bottom with no problem

4) I have a co-worker who is allergic. He accidentally ate nuts on day (waldorf chicken salad). He took some Benadryl and was fine. He doesn't even carry it with him. luckily, someone else had some

until you know how serious the allergy is, don't panic. Hopefully it's mild or she grows out of it.
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This pretty much describes my daughter. She ate a cashew when she was 2 (surprised the hell out of us, because she never eats ANYTHING) and broke out in a rash. Turned out she was allergic to cashews and brazil nuts, but they warned us away from all tree nuts. We kept an epipen and Benadryl on hand, but since she's a picky eater it was never an issue. The most she ever had was an itchy throat, easily treatable with a Benadryl. She has since outgrown the allergy, but we still treat them with caution.

My son has a friend with a peanut allergy. He will break out in a rash if someone who ate peanut butter even touches him. They have an epipen in the office at school, and when he's out of school, he wears it in a fanny pack that is constantly with him. His mom has to be vigilant, but he is fine.

Good luck, I hope it is nothing serious!
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