Subbrock, is your DD is preschool or daycare? If so, and you haven't already, you'll want to talk to them about procedures already in place for allergies. Hopefully they have some. I'd also be sure that not just one, but several staff know how to use the epipen. The more, the better, as teachers, directors, nurses can be absent,and you want to use it quickly, not want to wait for some one to get to your child.

At my DD's school, the cafeteria has a nut free table for lunch and snack. Any child can sit there, but all lunches must be checked by an adult on duty. Even the one boy with the peanut allergy must be checked. Good thing, as he occasionally buys his lunch, and I've rejected some of his choices, based on the ingredient list. I've also had other kids choose the PB&J lunch, then request to sit there. (Go figure.) Her preschool did something similiar, having one of the tables in the classroom nut free. All children sitting there had to have a nut free lunch.

Side note: as a parent with a child with epilepsy, I know how the parent message boards can be. Parents can get a little crazy there. For the right reasons, but on line, it comes across as overboard! I think they are great resources, but have to put my own spin on the situation, as it works for our family. Hope that makes sense. And, best of luck, I'm sure you are doing a good job dealing with this allergy.
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