At my DD's school, the cafeteria has a nut free table for lunch and snack. Any child can sit there, but all lunches must be checked by an adult on duty. Even the one boy with the peanut allergy must be checked. Good thing, as he occasionally buys his lunch, and I've rejected some of his choices, based on the ingredient list. I've also had other kids choose the PB&J lunch, then request to sit there. (Go figure.) Her preschool did something similiar, having one of the tables in the classroom nut free. All children sitting there had to have a nut free lunch.
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This sounds all sounds like a very good idea to me!

i dont want her to grow up thinking that a pistachio is a death sentence, but i dont want to be too lax about the situation either.
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Being the parent of an allergic kid is a fine and difficult line to walk. My friend's daughter is 11 and has been severely allergic to milk and wheat since birth. She has many allergies, but those are her main ones. I know it's real, because I've seen the kid go into anaphalaxis myself. There are many things she can't eat, but there are also many things she can eat. The problem is...she became so freaking afraid to eat that she barely eats was diagnosed as Failure-To-Thrive at age 5. Her mother is a nervous-panicky type, and I don't think that has helped. She's been treated by eating disorder clinics, because her FTT has now evolved into anorexia. She weighs about 50 pounds now, still severely underweight. She looks skeletal and weak and just very unhealthy. She's homeschooled, because of the allergies, and gets barely any exercise...she's just too tired all the time.

I don't really have any advice. I guess just try to be cautious without showing fear and teaching fear. Hopefully, she'll outgrow the worst of it.
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This is so sad! I'm sure it really is very hard to find a balance between a healthy awareness/caution and an irrational, obsessive fear about it, especially with a parent like this.
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