I bought a 2 oz bottle of Copolla Keratin Treatment from ebay twice. Each was different, one creamy white and the other a creamy brown. One was obviously not Copolla, probably some other brand, but it worked. One included 2 oz of the clarifying shampoo, but any clarifying would do. I bought the Copolla shampoo and it's ok. I also use Finesse which was $3 at Big lots. Just avoid sodium in products. The only thing I use now is a leave in, Sallys brand of Silk Drops. My hair likes cones.
You can buy larger bottles of Copolla from Frizzy 2 Silky if you want to be sure of brand.
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I tried to order from Brighton Beauty Supply and they told me I needed a stylists license bc "its a professional item"... but I had to call them because I had a problem w/ my CC so I dont know if I didn't call them if they would have actually checked that part out?? I ended up ordering from cosmeticmagic instead... and so far they haven't called to verify a license, but I also placed the order at 430pm on a Friday lol... idk hopefully it goes through... I wanted to do it before I go away next weekend.. lol