Okay, so I got my hair cut with Jen a few days ago and I actually like it! I do agree that she did not cut a lot off-- I was actually hoping to go a little shorter, but she advised me not too. After I had the deva products in my hair I thought it was pretty but I really wanted more layering around my face. The front looked good, but not that much improvement, however the back was way improved. When I got home, my sister didn't even realize I had gotten my haircut, because the style wasn't that much different. I freaked out. I had just spent a lot of money (my own, too, not my parents) on a haircut that wasn't different! AACK! I decided that I was immediately going to wash out the deva products and see how I liked it when I styled myself.

I liked it a lot better, and I hope that the same goes for Alexjoujou's haircut. I still would've liked it if I had more layers around my face though, so I called Jen and she said that she could fix it for me if I wanted.

She was the most knowledgeable hair dresser I have ever had. Just when she told me not to use sodium laureal sulfate I was sold. No hair dresser has ever told me that, let alone use sodium laureal sulfate-free products on my hair. I also liked how long she spent on my hair. In all, it was an hour and forty five minute hair cut (including the complimentary deva set). She's also very nice, and will talk with you about things that you want to hear (for example I asked her how she got started with curly hair, and her training, etc. and not about her latest break-up ).

She told me to come back in three months, which I don't think is a possibility given my budget, but I think I will go back to her again...unless I try this new trend on nc.com about cutting your own hair. Although that sounds a bit scary...

If I do see her again, I think i will try to be a bit more firm on what I want specifically, I forgot the pictures that I had printed out of Emmy Rossum's hair at home. I'm hoping that I can go back so she can cut a few curls around my face- hopefully free of charge. *please, please*

I really think she should go on this website as it would broaden her expertise beyond the deva products. This is the place where curlies are going to see how to style their hair, and this would be an opportunity for her to get to know more about curly hair, and about her clients. I suggested it to her, but I don't know if she'll actually go on.

Anyway, I'm on vacation now, so I haven't been doing a lot of experimenting or styling my hair, but I will post pics soon (my avatar is the day of the cut, with the deva products in). I want to try flax seed gel with my leave-in conditioner. I love experiments that work out!
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