I absolutely hate using gels, but I love this product because it's not really a gel. To me it is more like a super leave in conditioner and a super hair shining serum that has qualities of a gel. Plus I like the idea of using one product to give me soft touchable hair.
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ITA. I use it under almost everything and find that it gives me shine, definition, no frizz and clumps. I use a lot and I don't even feel like there's product in my hair. I have to have a gel over it tho - it won't give much hold on its own.

As for storage - you CAN freeze it and it will last a long time. I got a small squeeze bottle to fill and keep that in my bathroom. The original bottle goes in my freezer - it takes about 2 days to thaw in the fridge when I need to refill my smaller bottle.

3a/some b, med/high porosity, med texture

My current HGs:
Co-wash: Suave Naturals Coconut, VO5 Strawberries & Cream
Conditioner: Deva OneC
Leave-in: Shea M, Deva B'Leave In
Cremes: CIAB, pink Boots
Gels: BRHG

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