I'm very new to this curly-haired stuff. I've been abusing my poor ringlets for 30 years, blow-drying and straightening. I've had it with all that and have been off 'cones and sulfates for a few weeks and have had some hilarious hair days as I try to learn about diffusing and air drying. I tried pixie-ing this morning and the results were GREAT! The only curly hair styling product I have in the house is Nexxus Alluring Curls, so I smoothed some in my soaking wet hair, scrunched it in a soft t-shirt, let it air dry for a few minutes and pixied. Wow, my hair is so curly! I haven't had nice curls like this since age 6. Thanks for posting this thread!

2a/3a, fine, highlights and lowlights, shoulder length. Chicago suburbs.

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