Hi all,

I have seen a lot of bad responses to the hair straightening. I just got my hair done about 3 weeks ago and I have been very happy with the results.

I have 4a hair that is almost brastrap length. I was damaging my hair from using flat irons and round brushes and blow drying my hair constantly. Before this treatment I haven't had a chemical in my hair since 1999; I have been using natural treatments like lime and coconut, henna and curlaway.

Straightening isn't for everyone. I would love to wear my hair curly but it is difficult to manage and very time consuming. I like the look of straight hair.

The stylist I went to is very good and very skilled with this product. I got a mini-thermal done and the results are amazing. We couldn't believe how straight my hair turned out because she was expecting some curl to be left. I am african american (west indian and native american, panamanian background). The most important thing is to condition! It is a treatment that changes the hair's bonds and conditioning is vital to prevent damage and breaking.

Again, like I said it's not for everyone. The good thing is it is reversible (they use the same type of solution to add curl back to the hair) and I live in the humid south and my hair has been frizz free! I like it a lot!

Sorry if I have offended any naturally curly-heads, but it is always good to hear two sides of the story!