Does anybody else find her products insanely expensive? I just really can't afford them.

I did order the FSG a couple of months ago but it didn't do much for me -- which is not to say that it isn't a good product. My hair is pretty finicky and needs more oomph than any FSG can provide, I think. I'm just floored by the prices...
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I think it's subjective to a certain degree. Lots of people make FSG in their own kitchen and have great success others don't want to take the time to make it so they don't mind paying for it. Like you jilli FSG does nothing special for me so it does seem very expensive considering how inexpensive it is to make it and how generous you have to be with it. I also got a sample of her smoothie condish, it wasn't anything special and for $20 I want it to blow me away! I've gotten similar results from my $5 EO condish or the $3 LVPNG that she was replacing after it was discontinued. To each their own, right? But truthfully, I feel better about paying for quality, lab made products like Curl Junkie then home made stuff, but that's just me
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