To each her own. I like not having to be bothered shopping and cooking and tweaking it. Perhaps one day I will change my mind.
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Totally agree. I don't have the slightest interest or desire to mess with making my own hair products right now even if it does only take a few minutes to do. Like Rudee, I might change my mind at a later time but for right now my hair loves BB's FSG and with the other products I rotate, it lasts me quite awhile. Plus, I don't mind spending the $$ on something that works well for me and supporting one of our own in the process.
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And she is not the only NC member who has found a way to profit off of us; its business. I like the fact that she did the research, puts the time in etc. Its her product, she created it, she puts a value on it. And, like all businesses she likely charges what the market will bare.

I really need to add to this post.

Thinking about it: She has to order ingredients in bulk, while that might be more cost effective it also costs more investment-wise and in shipping. She orders fancier bottles and labels than those of us who sell or trade stuff on the swaps.

She "cooks" larger batches, which is time consuming; customizes, which is also time consuming. Then she has to bottle, pack and ship, time consuming. Additionally, there is record/bookeeping time and effort. Lastly, she does this on her own from her home, which could easily affect those she shares her home with, so there is an emotional cost as well.

No, I dont think her stuff is over priced.
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