Ok..I wish I had taken a before photo.

I started using the acne pore minimizer toner. Based upon auntnett's success with it I was hoping it would help me. I started using it last week...Tuesday I think. I also started using the green tea soap they sent along with my order. By Thursday the redness had subsided and some of the cystic acne had subsided.

On Thursday I used the 40% lactic acid peel. I got a bit nervous because it said not to use on irritated skin so I did not leave on long at all-maybe 2 minutes. I will try this again this Thursday and not be so wimpy about it.

I also got my order of face wash from Aubrey that has seabuckthorn in it and started using that today. The face wash is creamy and for combo/dry skin. I did not feel any need for a moisturizer today.

I will update in a week but so far I can see some improvement with just the toner. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Central Massachusetts

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