My 2nd day hair is much curlier and has more volume...not sure if it just takes my hair forever to dry? My 2nd day hair is definitely drier (less moisturized), but also curlier...and often cuter!

I have no idea why...but if I can get 2nd and 3rd day hour out of it, I"m not going to complain!
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Yes volume too. I really just don't think my hair likes to be clean.
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That's always been kind of true of mine, even 35 years ago when I used to sleep on big ole curlers - especially then, in fact.

I heard a stylist say of Cybil Shepherd back in her Moonlighting days that her hair always did better with a little residue, and I remember thinking "Yes! That's it exactly!".

Mine may not necessarily get curlier in succeeding days, but does just "do" better. It's can sometimes just be too soft on the first day, depending on what conditioner and other products I use.
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