the shampoo is basically for a condition on your scalp right? I'd coat the ends of my hair in conditioner - use the shampoo only on my scalp and then rinse every thing off.
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Right, on my scalp. It's not dandruff but I've been having some hair loss, tender skin, etc. and I'm using a prescription dandruff shampoo for a while to see if maybe there's a hidden skin condition that's causing this. I never thought of coating the rest of my hair in conditioner before putting the shampoo in - thanks!!!
2b (with some straight under-layer, grrrrr)
Normal porosity, low elasticity, medium texture

(according to CurlGenie - HUGE surprise, I always thought I had fine hair and my stylists always agreed)

Tried CG for a summer, but it wasn't for me. I don't load up on sulfates and silicones, but I have no shame in using them when I want/need to! Currently loving LOOB.