I had 2 kids, 18 months apart, then a miscarriage 12 months later, each time I had hair fallout 3-4 months after the end of pregnancy. I have distinct layers of thickness in my hair, 6 or 8 inches apart- the first 8 inches is the thickest, the next 6 inches is thinner, so is the next, and the last is thin enough to need cutting off.
The texture changed each time, too. light curl-to-strong wave-to-tighter curl and back to my normal mixed texture with the latest PG. I wonder if the attendant kids will share the texture they made my hair during PG!
My Dr said it is because you stop shedding hair at usual during pregnancy, then post-partum, the hair you would have normally shed comes out all at once.
Not sure about that one.

fun to hear everyone else's stories!