Yesterday, Dylan was trying to nurse and read the paper (a grocery store flyer) at the same time. He was getting really irritated that the nipple kept slipping out of his mouth when he turned his head to read.

And for a few days now, when he is finished, he will take the breast with both hands and try to point it up to my mouth as if trying to say "Here, you try some." He looks at me so incredulously when I tell him no thank you.
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that. was. HILARIOUS! i busted out laughing at this.

my husband would walk past our son and me, and without missing a beat say, "his foot's almost grazing the carpet." they were ... but his point was that if his legs are so long that his feet are touching the floor, he might be too old for breastfeeding. what did he know?

our daughter was 3 and quite verbal. my left breast always produced less milk than my right one. after nursing from the left side first, she'd tell me that "the nip-nip's all gone from this one" or "the otha one pleeze" and would then switch sides in my lap all on her own, grab my right breast and begin to nurse from it.

on some days when they were older toddlers, it was so methodical that i'd look down and realize, "oh, i'm breastfeeding him/her" because they practically would climb up and latch on with no assistance from me; i was basically along for the ride. ha!
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