Hey there! Last relaxer was end of April 2008 and I have about 2 inc of NG. I was wondering if this had/has/is happening to anyone. I have on my temples fuzzy ill defined small curls and along the rest of my hair line big (lsize of a pen and at least half of another wide) curls. However on my crown and else where there is just slight wave?!?!
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Hi Bwiggles. Did you mean that your last relaxer was April 2009? If it was, then 2 inches of new growth sounds about right. My last relaxer was March 09 and I'm just now seeing some curls. I still have about 25-30 % relaxed ends that need to come off, but I'm going to wait. My hair is short, but I have enough length to roller set and play with. I have a lot of fuzz in the back and still not much curl definition, and I probably won't see it until I cut off all the relaxer.

Be patient with your hair. Soon those waves will start to form into curls and the fuzz will calm down. In the mean time, deep condition and moisturize regularly. Also try Curly Nikki's method for smooth edges http://www.curlynikki.com/2009/08/no...eek-edges.html, I gave this a try this morning and it worked nicely.
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OMG..this is funny bc since I posted that I have been experimenting and basically stumbled onto CN method by trial and error. I have a big stretchy handband that I put on my front after wetting my edges and putting a pea sized amt of shea butter on it..I figured the fabric from the handband would make my hair drier so thats why I do that last step. Anyways, this is how I have been able to keep my edges smooth...just rewetting my edges with wet hands and then using this method, or rewetting and using shea butter and a drop or two of jojoba oil. Its been working just as CN shows.And I always just use my hands when gathering my hair, no combs or brushs.
SO far no one has commented on my hair styles of late ( a bun or ponytail) buts thats probably bc I did that most of the time anyway b4 transistioning. I dont use heat and only plan on using it when I go to the hairstylist for a blow out. And thats only if I have a REALLY important meeting at work...(ex meeting clients, executives big wigs). So far so good. The one thing I cant do that sum people seem to be able to, is make my relaxed ends curly. Mine are limp noodles. I have no time or patience for roller setting thou.