I use them both. I like No poo the best I think though. No poo is a creme cleanser whereas low poo has 5% poo in it and the rest conditioner. I like No poo better because it doesn't condition my hair though so it's a tad more drying I think although not by much.
Both if I'm not mistaken are sulfate free. My hair does fine with either the low poo just is more moisturizing than my hair needs.
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?? I thought Low Poo was just a sulfate-free shampoo? I don't recall there being any condish in it when I used it??

And No Poo is actually a cleansing conditioner. Interesting, because I find it pretty moisturizing... I can actually use it on its own sometimes, no second condish needed. The Low Poo was a little drying for me.
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