chenaj!!! your hair is totally gorgeous!!!!!!11 and your little boys hair too!!!
my daughter used to have corkscrew curls when she was about two and then they started to become spiral curls when her hair was growing, i really loved them on her(she has blonde hair too, so she looked like a little cherub) but now she is 14 years old and straightens her hair to an inch of its life...although she still has a rebelious corkscrew curl about five inches long as a sideburn! really cute!!
p.s...i have the natural curls moisture cream too!! doesnt it smell gorgeous? i love the zesty smell it gives off.
Thick, 2C with little 3A's thrown in to make my hair look a little more wild.FIA:2c/3a-M
Last Haircut:17/1/07
Ultimate Goal: To go as long as possible
Products Used:coconut cowash, tescos own gel citrus spice whipped butter
Hair Length:BSL
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