First of all I want to say that I have not had my hair professionally cut in over 3 years. They always cut off way too much no matter how many times I tell them about curly hair and shrinkage. Since I found this board about 5 weeks ago, I have had the best hair that I can remember. I went Co only and my hair loves it. That said, I have been reading a lot posts about hair stylist that know how to cut curly I decided to search for one. I found one that was so highly recommended by several people that I called this morning and made my appointment for 1:15. I was so excited, I could hardly stand it. When I got there, the girl that is supposed be this awesome curly hair expert came out to greet me. Her curly hair was a mess....dry, frizzy, fuzzy. I should have walked out right there, but I didn't. I remembered reading one of the girls on here that does hair talk about her environment and how it's hard to keep frizz I went ahead with the hair cut. First I asked if she would cut my hair dry, well she said she would, but she does not normally cut curly hair dry. Should have walked then, but didn't. She then proceeded to comb my hair out with a large comb....dry...grrrrrr. Should have walked then, but didn't. I was cringing the whole time she was combing out my hair, I could just feel it break. OMG...what have I gotten myself into? So she finally cuts my hair while using that awful comb. When she gets done, she asked me if I want my hair washed. So told her yes, but no shampoo, CO only. She didn't seem to have a problem with that...ok...good. Thats a start. When we got back to her chair, she combed my hair some and put products in it that I brought with me. More combing, I could feel my hair frizz. Darn, that'll teach me. Then she pulls out a blow drier w/no defuser. That's when I drew the line. I told her I preferred my hair air dried and I was ready to go. By the time I got home, I was one huge frizzball. I jumped in the shower right away and ploping now. I hope after all this at least the hair cut will be decent. Lesson learned...I will cut my own hair from now on, like I have been doing for years.
BTW, she said I have done a very good job cutting my own hair. I am scared to un-plop...LOL. Wish me luck.
Sorry for such a long post, but I had to vent.

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