I've been using honey mixed with my AOHR sometimes. In fact I did it last night and am happy with the results. I've been steering away from adding extra oils because I have low porosity hair and don't need it to seal, and oils themselves are hydrophobic and therefore can't moisturize. But I think the AVG would be a good idea! I need to pick up that conditioning balm too.

Type 2b/2c, med/coarse, low porosity, medium density

Co-wash: Suave Naturals Tangerine, Live Clean Moisturizing, CJ Daily Fix, GTTT, Tigi MM

Conditioner: Tigi MM, Jessicurl WDT, CJ Curl Rehab, CJ Daily Smoothing, CJ H&B Deep Fix

Deep Treatment: same as rinse out

Leave-in: KCKT or my rinseout

Styling Aids: Alberto/V05 Gel, HETT/HESMU, KCCC