Hello ladies,
I'm hoping you can give me some suggestions on how to fix the problems I'm having with breakage in the area near my temple on both sides. My hair has been completely natural for four years and it has been growing but with setbacks like knots on the end and split ends it has only retained 10-13 inches depending on the area. I started protective styling in May 2009 in the hopes that I could have healthier hair and retain length. After cutting the split ends and knots, I also started using castor oil and jojoba oil in my leave in condish. At night I would spray hair with water put a little condish on my hair and oil on the ends, braid it (not tight) and wrap with a satin bonnet. My temple area seems to be growing back a little, I only braid my hair or twist it at night so I don't wear it up or pulled back, mostly doing wash and wear. Do you think the night time regimen is causing my hair to fray more. Why, why, why is it breaking in my temple area. Any suggestions are appreciated. TIA.