Ok - it's been about 1 1/2 weeks. The irritated redness on my checks has faded a lot! The 3-4 cystic bumps I had or underground pimples (not sure how to describe them) have gotten much smaller but not totally gone. I have used the 40% peel 2 times now (the most recent on Wednesday). I have also been using a buff puff type pad (the kinds you can buy at Target/Walmart-pkg of 9) every 3rd day or so. I have been using those VERY gently as my face can get annoyed by something too rough. I am very pleased with how things are going. Like I said I have used the soap/toner/peel from MUAC during this time with 2-3 washes in the a.m. with the Aubrey cleanser but I stopped using that cleanser for now.

Next week will be telling as my period starts then and my skin does react from that around the midpart of my period.

But so far I am pleased-I hope the improvement continues. I will be looking for Pomega5 soap this weekend.
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Do be careful - I have a myriad of broken capillaries from too strenuous use of them and facial scrubs when I was younger, trying to remove scaly patches that I didn't know were from seborrheic dermatitis. Without the broken capillaries, I wouldn't need to wear makeup most of the time.

Is your regimen still the green tea soap, MUAC toner, and LA peels?
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You got that right. I just barely put them against my face-just enough to get rid of some flakes!!

Yes, the green tea soap and the MUAC toner 2x a day and the LA peel 1x a week. So far so good.
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