I've been looking for silk pillowcases that don't cost 20$ a piece.
Jessicurl warns against using/buying polyster satin.
I found this.....
"Charmeuse satin- It can be made of silk, or a synthetic lookalike such as polyester. Silk charmeuse is more expensive and delicate, but is softer and a better insulator. Polyester charmeuse is cheaper and can often withstand machine washing, but doesn't breath as well as silk."

Do you know which yours is?
Originally Posted by crimsonshedemon
Hi crimsonshedemon (love that name!)
The ones I bought for $12.99 were from luxury linens:
2 Silk Satin Pearl White Queen/standard Pillowcases
check out the link, it claims to be silk satin,
If they are making that up then I guess it's false advertising. I wasn't trying to spread the word of a bad product
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