Divide and conquer. Oppression. Brainwashing. Fear. Poverty. Fear of poverty. Children. It's difficult to rise against an oppressor, especially if each individual oppressor isn't so bad as they are as a whole. Men aren't our enemy, it's male dominance of society that is the enemy.
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I think the first part of your statement could apply to any oppressed groups yet other groups have risen up against oppression from the get go. I agree with the latter part of your statement though but why have women colluded with oppressing each other?

@ Boomygrrl and Speckla ; I am sure there were a few mini uprising but that doesn't explain why nothing major occurred till recently. Its mind boggling how a group of people can deny themselves rights for so long when they have the ability to change it as they are the majority.

I think the 19th century just provided a culmination of factors such as wider access to education for women, the emancipation movement and later granting suffrage to black males, a more progressive attitude in general with industrialization, and the move even further towards an individualistic society.

Women gathering in groups to support emancipation for the slaves began to question why they weren't seeking it for themselves. Also when the men went off to war it was up to the women to run the homes and businesses. The boom of the woolen industry in New England employed women outside the home and outside of traditional "women's work." In a warrior society it was expected for the men to go off to war as needed and the women to run the home but particularly in America the nation hadn't engaged in full-scale warfare since the Revolution. Those women were testing their teachings against their experience and coming up short.

It's also very hard in cultures where the emphasis is on the group to stand up against that group. It takes great courage to risk being an outcast.
I agree with the last statement you made, that comes the closest IMO to solving this riddle. Women are group driven whilst men are more leadership driven, whilst societies as a whole tend to emphasise group cohesion. Women put women that stand out down whilst men worship men that stand out, and hate women that don't act servile towards them (generally speaking).
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