Hi ladies,

I got my last relaxer in June of 2008 and in July I decided I wasn't going to relax again. After researching and reading several blogs I got my hair cut into a cute bob to get rid of thin ends and the healthy growing began.

I have a ton of new growth but I'm feeling the urge to relax or texlax now. All this time I haven't had a huge urge to go back to chemicals but lately I've been experimenting with no heat styles...I stopped straightening and opted for styles such as banty knot outs and CNs Twist and Curl. I dont know why I thought these would work...I got the bantu knots down perfectly and when I take them down its hot but when I step outside...I'm left with a frizzy fro. I get the same thing with my curlformers and with my twist and curls. If I straighten with a flat iron my just looks better longer. Someone please help. I've come so far and I dont want to turn back...but I just might have to. I would hate waking up every morning just to check to the humidity outside to see if I can wear my hair out.

Thanks in advance...