I am still hunting for the Pomega5 soap-well was. I stopped in another Whole Foods over the weekend with no luck so this a.m. I called my closer one - of course they say they have it so I must have missed it when I looked the last time I was in there. So I am going to go there tonight to get it. In the meantime I order the other pomega5 soap from their website. I will now have 2!!

Still so far so good. The overall redness has faded a ton on my cheeks. You can see red spots but it is not all red and even those have faded a lot. Tomorrow I have to go out and see clients so I am feeling soo much better. While I do not wear makeup much I do wear some when going to clients and into the office but now it will not look like I am trying to cover something up!!
Central Massachusetts

One good reason to only maintain a small circle of friends is that three out of four murders are committed by people who know the victim. ~George Carlin~

In regards to Vagazzling: They just want to get into the goods without worrying about getting scratched up by fake crystals. ~spring1onu~