When I apply my gel to soaking wet hair I get bigger clumpier curls. When I towel dry (scrunch) first, I get skinnier curls. My hair is also too short to plop, so I try to squeeze out as much water with my hands as I can (while I am putting in the product)...then I either let it air-dry, or I put a cheesecloth around my hair (gently!) and diffuse through the cloth until my hair is dry enough to take out the clips, then let it air dry the rest of the way until I can SOTC. This usually cuts my drying time down to about an hour, instead of 3-4.

I haven't yet tried squeezing with a towel (or t-shirt) after applying gel, as this seems like it would just take out the product. But, enough people do it that I'll give it a try this weekend. If it cuts the drying time down without affecting the curls, that would be great!

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