Sorry to bump up an older thread, but I have been very, very confused about aloe vera. I'm glad to know that everyone else is, too. LOL.

If this is indeed a humectant, it would explain why my hair loves it on some days and hates it on others. I used to think it was something else my hair was hating, so I'd change conditioners, etc. Sometimes it would work, and sometimes it wouldn't. I would alternate between extreme poof, extreme dryness, or perfect hair. There has never been an in-between for me with aloe. I think I'm going to just completely stop using straight aloe on my hair and see what happens.

It occurs to me now that this is why my hair hated CJ Aloe Fix. It gave me GREAT curls (aloe vera gel has always given me lots and lots of curl), but the frizz was unbelievable.
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Exactly what I have been experiencing with products with Aloe. The CJAF gave me enhanced waves with some curls in there but as time wore on I got awful frizz and my hair looked dry, not shiny and moisturized. So my question is what weather/dew points will aloe work better or is it just out for me? With coarse, porous hair humectants aren't recommended right...emollients are better? I get so confused !
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The lowest dew point I tried AF was around 40. I plan to use it until it gets to be sub zero temps. I suspect at this point the glycerin may cause dryness like it did for me last Winter in my stylers. I won't know for sure and I'll still try it with a heavier LI and see what happens. You're right though, in general coarse hair does well with emollients. However, humectants don't need to be avoided completely you just have to find the right formulations for your own head. Glycerin and Honey are humectants and they're the only things that work to keep my hair in control during the Summer when dews are 60+ lower then that forget it it weighs me down.
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