curly haired people don't loose hair like straight hair people and sometimes it comes out like in the shower and it seems like loads (all the hairs that you would naturally lose in a day get tangled in with your curls and its only when you wet your hair and comb or rake through that the lost hairs can get out) but its only what its usual to lose every day. Don't panic too much but as the other curlies say if you're worried then go and see your dr.
UK curly

fine to medium strands, porous, medium density
CG May 2009 - low poo occasionally
Co-wash: Tresemme Naturals
Styling -Naked Curl Defining Cream, BRHG, Mop Top, FSG
Product for a good hair day: FSG or Mop Top
Hair loves protein!
new pics added Jan 2012

Enjoying the freedom of going curly!
Duchess of Alba, Keeper of the Tartan Curls in The Order of the Curly Crusaders