I looked for Pomega5 and the AO GPB conditioner in the alternative scents at WF yesterday - no luck, although I did get a larger bottle of GPB.

I did finally find some rosewater, so I might give JesstheMess' method a try. It just seems like it'd be a lot of trouble, though. What sort of luck did you have with it, Xcptnl? I seem to recall that you were thinking about trying it . . . .
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auntnett-I did not have good luck with the jessthemess' routine. It seemed like it would work but at the time it did not. I wonder if it would be ok once I get stuff cleared up. It was so hard to know if anything was working when my face was so inflamed and red and irritated.

I have to say I really think this MUAC toner is the BOMB! I am in the week of my period and still looking sooo much better. I cannot even explain how much better my cheeks and temple area look. I am still using just the toner and I just started using the Pomega5 (the teenage version) the other day. I had to meet clients yesterday and it was amazing how much better I felt about myself when I was just able to use a moisturizer with some tint to it.

I know the toner is a bit expensive-I have been using it for about 3 weeks I think - 2x a day and I have used probably a 1/4 of the bottle maybe a bit less. So it will probably last me 2 more months I am thinking but if it keeps me clear I do not care how much it costs!

I know I am rambling - I will stop now!
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