Well, I used the No Poo, One C, then with my hair still dripping wet, I added the Be Leave In, Angell, and Mister Right, then I scrunched it with a paper towel (or tow or three ), which soaked up the excess water while scrunching up the curls. I then defused it dry, touching it very little with my hands.

I then sprayed a bit of the Set It Free on the top of my hair, and put a few clips up top and to the top-back of my hair for hight. I let kept the clips in for about 30 minutes.

My hair looked amazing! This is the best I have ever seen it look! I went to a party that night and got numerous compliments on my hair!

I'll try the Low Poo on the lower part next time and see how it looks.
I'm a 3b with hair length a few inches past shoulders.