Is this actual Pomega5 bars ya'll are getting at WF or another similar brand? I didn't see anything that sounded even similar when I was there the other day, but maybe I just wasn't looking for the right thing.

I'm glad you're liking the toner, Xcptnl - I agree it's worth the cost if it continues to work as well as it is. I had two patches that were staying constantly broken out, and now nothing's left except some scars. Even they are finally beginning to fade.
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You can see what the packaging looks like here It's the bar - the second item from the left. I found it in the cosmetics aisle, not with the other facial cleansers. It's a rather small bar, located with all the teens turning green items. It's basically a modified version of the original Pomega5 bar which I've only ever found online here. I use and love them both. HTHs!
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And I found it in the cleanser aisle at my WF. So check out both sections!! And like I noted my WF did not have much left - 3-4 soap bars and some toner I think,,,maybe a cleanser so it did not jump out at me!

The teens for green site indicates you can buy on their site but you cannot buy individual items which is odd. Only the collection. But here is their site just in case you are interested.
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